Space distribution in small rooms

Published on: August 14, 2018 | by: Rachel

Nowadays, lack of space is no longer an excuse for lack of style. Small rooms can be functionally furnished while still providing a pleasant environment. Tiny spaces can easily display the personality and taste of those who live in them. Just start experimenting!

Small living rooms

Small rooms ideas
The living room is the most important space in the house, used both by family members who spend their evenings and weekends here, as well as by guests. The design of a small living room should, therefore, take into account both the functional and design aspects.

The essential furniture pieces in the living room are the sofa, the TV stand, and the coffee table. In the case of small living rooms, each of these must be carefully chosen. You can replace the typical rectangular coffee table either with two stools (which are also storage boxes), or a vintage coffer. Stools and coffers have the advantage of offering precious space to store accessories or other small items. Next, forget about the TV stand and mount the TV directly on the wall or on a specially adapted shelf.

When choosing a sofa, go for one with a simple design and exposed legs; these features enhance the space’s fluidity. You can even replace the sofa with two or three colorful armchairs.

Small bedrooms

Small room ideas

Setting up a small bedroom is not very difficult as long as you take into account some tips. You will need storage space for clothes and linen, a comfortable bed, and one or two nightstands. Unlike the living room, bedroom furniture has to be mainly functional, thus you have to personalize the space with accessories and fabrics.

It’s highly recommendable to avoid mixing up colors and styles; instead, opt for a minimalist decor. If you choose similar colors for the furniture, curtains, and walls, you will get a relaxed atmosphere that inspires peace. For a pop of color, use decorative pillows in bright shades.

A popular trick to give the impression of a larger room is to use mirrors. These are really useful in spaces with narrow windows that don’t allow enough light inside.

Small bathrooms

Small room ideas

In small bathrooms, the bathtub occupies plenty of space, so it should be replaced with a shower. However, if you cannot live without a bath, a small one can be a reasonable compromise.

Try to use as much space as possible by mounting suspended shelves. Keep the color palette on the light side, both for giving the impression of a larger space, and because light colors are usually associated with cleanliness.

All in all, distributing space in small rooms isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Not to mention that the entire process is very fun and creative. All you need is a bit of imagination, a pinch of practical sense, some basic items, and a good mood. Best of luck!

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