Relaxation Tips in Your Home

Published on: September 22, 2018 | by: Rachel

Nowadays, we often struggle with hectic schedules; we’re constantly in a rush, and it seems like we never manage to tick everything off our to-do lists. There are 500 unread e-mail in our inboxes and we worry about being late to that important business meeting. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, these are common stressful situations that all of us deal with. In  moments like these, it’s tempting to imagine being far away from our troubles, sunbathing on an exotic beach, enjoying a refreshing cocktail, and basking in the sun, without a care in the world. However, we don’t always have the time and money to escape our demanding daily routines.

Luckily, you don’t need them!

We’ve compiled a list of things you can do to turn your own home into a relaxing oasis.

Embrace meditation




5 minutes of peace and quiet is all that you need: close your eyes, take a deep breath, and empty your mind. Studies have shown that 5 minutes of meditation per day can help you get rid of anxiety and stress. So, find a quiet room, sit comfortably, and focus on your breath. Clear your mind and begin to feel your worries disappear. Can’t do it by yourself? No worries, there are numerous apps, websites, and guides that will help you start your meditation journey.

Yoga for the win




We bet you’ve already heard about yoga and its benefits for stress relief. The great news is that you don’t have to attend a class outside your home. There are a plethora of DVDs, online classes, YouTube videos, and other useful resources you can use to learn and practice some relaxing yoga routines. For starters, you can try the Viparita Karani pose, which is very basic and doesn’t require much effort. You simply lay on your back, with your legs lifted up against a wall. Not only it will help you relax, but it will also free your mind from all the stress you’re dealing with.

Sip a cup of tea




If you’re a coffee drinker, you should let this habit go and replace it with a cup of warm tea. Coffee increases the level of the stress hormone, cortisol, while green tea offers health and beauty. Chamomile tea is the traditional favorite when it comes to calming down and reducing stress. Black tea is another good alternative when you’re fighting stress. Studies have shown that people who drank green tea regularly for at least six weeks decreased their cortisol levels.

Listen to some relaxing music

Experts say that music can calm down the heartbeat and soothe the soul. So when things get stressful, spoil yourself with some relaxing tunes; leaving you feeling peaceful and relaxed. Classical music has a similar effect.

These awesome relaxation tips can be used in the comfort of your own home to reduce tension, get rid of anxiety, and relieve stress. Additionally, they’ll help you restore your mental balance and gain a clearer perspective on your life!

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