Paint color ideas – contrast colors in the living room

Published on: September 8, 2018 | by: Rachel

We’re all used to seeing neutral colour schemes in living rooms, but what if you fancy something a little different? To really make a statement, choosing contrasting, bold colours can have a dramatic but beautiful effect. Here are some ideas of what colours to choose and why!

Orange and blue


blue sofa - furniture zone


This is the preferred choice of many an interior designer. Together, blue and orange create a cheerful atmosphere without being visually tiring. Choose lighter shades for a calming effect. It’s advisable to use orange in a higher percentage and in different shades (such as burnt or golden orange) and some accents of blue here and there.

A classic wallpaper can be an eye-catching focal point in any living room and can be easily offset by a modern sofa. Try a coral wallpaper and a classic blue sofa. Use a carpet or a curtain in a more muted shade for a stylish finish. Choosing a more intense orange and aqua shades will create a much more vibrant effect.

Yellow and purple


yellow and purple- furniture zone


These two contrasting colors will add instant life to your living room, especially if you go for shades like lavender and light yellow. Avoid using either excessively, and if you’re not sure, opt for a pattern like spots to soften the effect.

Red and green

Red and green are totally opposed to each other on the color wheel, which means they offer a strong contrast. However, a wise trick that will help you mitigate this is to use less intense shades in one or both colors. A dark, lush red with more of a brown hue can neutralize a pure green wall. This unexpected palette works very well in a cool and modern space. Or try an emerald green with a copper red shade.

Contrasting pastels


sweet living room-furniture zone


Pastels in contrasting shades create a fresh, contemporary look, which is perfect for a lively living room. Powder blue goes well with an orange sofa or ceramic lamp. Plus, a couple of striped pillows can help add a pinch of drama!

So there you have it. Feel free to use complementary colors in your living room, as the effect can be both pleasant and engaging. Just choose the shades that work for you!

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