Furniture Zone is excited to announce that as of June 2020 we now have Laybuy integration meaning there are now more ways than ever to get some of the best furniture in New Zealand without having to worry about paying for it all up front!

Laybuy will be available both through our stores and our website!

“Technology and innovation is constantly changing the way consumers interact with each other and businesses. When we first started talking about Laybuy we identified two problems we were trying to solve.

The first is a problem common to all consumers. People want their products now but may not be able to pay for it in full today or may simply wish to spread the cost over time.

The second is a problem common to all merchants. How can I improve what I offer my customers?

Laybuy is the solution.

Laybuy is an innovative, fully integrated payment platform designed with simplicity at its core. We pride ourselves on transparency to everyone we assist.”