How to Create a Rustic Style in your Lounge

Published on: February 15, 2019 | by: Rachel

The rustic style is a popular choice for a cosy lounge, perfect for people who love unique, handmade items.

It’s usually suited to those who appreciate a more traditional style, and those looking for a blend of quality and functionality.

Rustic spaces are enchanting and warm and often become a favourite place for all members of the family.

By choosing the right lounge furniture, you can create an ambience that’s both welcoming and appealing to the eye. Here are some great ideas for creating a rustic style in your own home!

Rustic finishes

Natural stone, raw wood or cork are great examples of rustic-looking materials you can add into your space to add warmth, depth and that homely feel. Wooden beams also add to this feel if your home lends itself to them.

Homely floors

When it comes to rustic looking floors, look out for timber floorboards (if you’re lucky enough to have originals), wooden tiles or parquet.

The magic rug

Forget about big carpets with bold prints and, instead, opt for a thin monochrome rug made out of natural fibers like cotton, wool, jute or sisal.

Natural or synthetic leather rugs work very well, too, especially if you place them in front of a cosy armchair or sofa.

Simple furniture

The natural feel of a rustic lounge carries right through to the furniture pieces. Simple designs are a common choice, as well as neutral colors.


Nowadays, it’s really easy to find furniture that combines wood and leather – a perfect match for this style.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is a decorating style which is actually better with more furniture. So go ahead and add as much as you want!

Gather around the fireplace

The rustic style is all about being comfortable, so your room should centre around a fireplace. Choose a wood-burning one in stone to fit your natural-style lounge.

The power of art

Art in a rustic lounge can range from images of nature, animals or even abstract art.

While it might be fun to have some paintings of animals on the walls, landscape drawings and vintage handmade crafts are also solid options.

Overall, the rustic style is especially suited to those who know how to appreciate unique things and who value objects that have sentimental value. Romantics will fall in love with a rustic lounge.

So whether you live in a modern home in the city, or a more rural setting, there are numerous ways to bring some rustic style to your room!

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