Getting Your Home Ready For Holidays (Buying Furniture for the Family Visit)

Published on: October 16, 2018 | by: Rachel

Great news, everyone: Christmas and the summer holidays are right around the corner! Which means the family is on its way! So as well as adding some festive cheer to our homes, we’ll also be looking at ways to accommodate the extra bodies! Is there room for everyone to sit? Do you have enough beds for everyone to sleep? Stuck for space and need some clever solutions? Check out our tips and get your home ready for the holidays!


If your family are spending a few nights with you, it’s worth making sure everyone has someone they can lay their heads at the end of the day. There are plenty of great value mattresses available for the adults and for the kids, why not grab a space-saving Trundle Bed or Bunks! And don’t forget a sofabed is a great way to maximise space in your lounge, providing extra seating in the daytime too. Comfy reclining sofas and armchairs are extremely practical and are great for sleeping and relaxing after a hearty dinner! During the day, you can decorate them with some cute, Christmas-themed cushions or covers.

Time for Lunch

There are so many options for the Christmas Lunch. You might be down the beach, in the garden or on the road! But if you’re at home around the dining table, make sure it’s big enough for everyone! There are heaps of options out there. Round, square, rectangle, extenders. Make sure to measure your space and choose something that fits the proportions of your room. And don’t forget you could also buy a smaller table for the kids to enjoy!

Time to relax

Everyone loves sitting back at this time of year with a drink, a bite to eat and plenty of time to catch up with loved ones. So make sure there’s somewhere for everyone to pop their cups and plates down. Especially Santa’s milk and biscuits! Lots of options here from coffee tables to side tables, even hall tables. And because it’s Christmas, why not buy some festive coasters to liven things up!

Let there be light

Adding some extra lights to our homes and gardens at this time of year adds that little bit of festive sparkle! Warm candles and twinkling lights draped over bookshelves look fabulous inside. And don’t forget the garden! We’ll all hopefully be spending much more time outside at this time of year, so add some functional and decorative lighting to your outdoor area. Just don’t get too carried away or you’ll find yourself in your local neighbourhood’s ‘Christmas Light Trail’!


If you or your family have kids, make sure to have a lot of toys, activity books, supplies, and fun seasonal games in the house and garden! Why not come up with some engaging ways for the old and young to spend time together, such as playing board games, scrapbooking, cricket in the garden or organizing a scavenger hunt!

Now that you’re all set for the family visit, you can sit back, relax, and wait for your loved ones to knock on your door. Happy Holidays!


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