Gallery Wall Layouts

Published on: August 24, 2018 | by: Rachel

Gallery walls are awesome for displaying several objects and creating a spectacular statement in your home. Their great advantage is that they have a major visual impact and can be customized to your likes and preferences. You can use everything that goes through your mind – old posters, postcards, pictures, small maps, photos, childhood drawings, artworks and so on. Depending on what you want, you can create an eclectic wall or a simple, subtle one that fits the house’s décor. Here are some ideas for a lovely gallery wall arrangement.

Gallery Wall Layouts

Use baskets.

Baskets are the original home décor element, especially when they’re hanging on a wall. For a pop of color, you can choose a range of colorful baskets of all shapes and sizes. Similarly, for more of a homogenous look, you can try different shades of brown and beige.

Mirror, mirror, on the gallery wall.

Mirrors are gorgeous reflective surfaces with charming lights that dance around during the day and tiny sparkles that twinkle during twilight. Opt for square mirrors if you want a structured look. If you’re more into a messy, yet chic arrangement, spherical shapes are perfect for you.

Asymmetrical layout.

Just as in other aspects of life, there’s plenty of beauty in an undefined and uneven gallery wall. An apparently untidy collection of photos, postcards, posters or images may be the first cornerstone of something extraordinary. Tip: choose solid and colored frames to give a certain structure to this collection. Keep a skeletal outline, but have fun with the rest of the arrangement.

Diverse shapes and sizes.

Gallery Wall Layouts

Creating a gallery wall is the ideal way to make a personal statement in the privacy of your own home. This is an opportunity to show who you really are and what you love. Mix and match paintings with black & white and color photos and combine tall with wide items. Plus, You can use a variety of colors for an eye-catching wall or use objects of similar shades which will subtly complement the space they’ll hang on. If you want to place artwork above pieces of furniture, make sure to leave at least 8 inches between the frame’s base and the top of the furniture.


Gallery Wall Layouts

Gallery walls can also be a unique way of telling a story or encouraging guests to discuss their content. In this situation, you can include photos of recent trips and engravings or artworks that you bought on vacation.

The last and most important thing to remember when working on a gallery wall is that there’s no specific formula to carry out such a project. Though it can be intimidating, don’t waste too much time planning, simply start doing! Enjoy the creative process and the stunning collection of objects you’ve chosen and arranged.

There are a million different ways to make a gallery wall, but ultimately, if you like it, that’s all that really matters! And, hey, don’t forget that the best part of creating your wall is to showcase your experiences and personal knowledge, or your community’s history and culture, in a succession of amazing items. Have fun!

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