5 Tips for Painting Your Bedroom in Just One Hour

Published on: December 6, 2018 | by: Rachel

Painting your bedroom yourself is a fun project with numerous benefits: it saves you money, it can help relieve stress, and it keeps you productive. Plus it’s possible to do in one hour or less!

Sounds like mission impossible? Well, it’s not! Here are some tips to get that room painted quickly and easily.

1. Prepare the room to save ‘post-painting’ cleaning time

Before you start painting, make sure to prepare the room in order to avoid splashing paint on the floor, furniture, window and door frames, sockets, and switches. If possible, remove all the furniture from the room.

If not, move the furniture to the middle of the room and cover them. Place drop cloths all over the floor and protect the door and window frames with some tape.

You can also use protective tape for the socket and switch edges as well as for all the baseboards.

2. Use a big paint bucket


Have all your materials on hand and choose a big bucket, that will fit plenty of paint, so you won’t need to stop and do several refills.

This way, you’ll save a whole bunch of time!

3. Use a wide paint roller

Another trick that will help you paint your bedroom in a jiffy is using a wide paint roller, such as an 18-inch roller, that can cover more surface per move than your typical medium width paint roller.

Once you have everything ready, submerge the roller cover into the paint.

Push the roller down and up, repeating this move a few times to remove excess paint and distribute the paint evenly.

4. Smooth, continuous strokes

Once your paint roller is loaded, place it at the top of the wall you’re about to paint, then roll it down until you reach the bottom and roll it back up the wall.

Focus on keeping a smooth, continuous stroke, for a flawless result that doesn’t require touch-ups. Reload the paint roller after each time you roll from the top to the bottom and back to the top.

This way, you won’t run out of paint in the middle of the process and you won’t need to interrupt your workflow or re-roll the surfaces that didn’t get enough paint. Repeat by moving over about one roller width until you’ve finished the wall.

Roll multiple paint stripes onto each wall and blend the stripes together by using vertical, long strokes. Repeat until all the bedroom walls are fully covered with paint.

5. Use paint edges


Painting the edges of the walls, doors, and windows are probably the most tedious and time-consuming step.

Therefore, forget about improvising and use special paint edgers that are designed to help you save effort and time.

Oh, and as painting emits fumes, don’t forget to use proper ventilation.

Now that you know these simple, practical tips, you can paint quickly and enjoy spending time in your brand new room!



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